Bach: Invention no 1 for Saxophone

Bach: Invention no 1 for Saxophone sheet musicBach wrote 30 Inventions (15 two-part and 15 three-part), short compositions meant to serve as keyboard exercises for his son Wilhelm Friedemann. We think they can also be used as practice material for saxophone players. After all the Inventions are, one could say, two independent voices in dialog. They start out with a simple motif. After a few measures they evolve into melodic, harmonic and rhythmic variations showing a whole range of counterpoint possibilities like inversion, augmentation, ascending and descending sequences, and modulation. Bach left no instructions on the tempo of the pieces. So that is entirely up to you. Here’s Invention no 1 for saxophone duo AT and saxophone quartet SATB.

Download a free sample set w/ all parts of the AT or the SATB

Bach was pretty clear in stating the purpose in the title of the collection: “Honest Method by which the amateurs of the keyboard – especially, however, those desirous of learning – are shown a clear way not only (1) to learn to play cleanly in two voices, but also, after further progress, (2) to handle three obbligato parts correctly and well; and along with this not only to obtain good inventions, but to develop the same well; above all however, to achieve a cantabile style in playing and at the same time acquire a strong foretaste of composition.”

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sample page (transposed) click to enlarge

Bach: Invention no 1 for Saxophone AT sample page
Bach: Invention no 1 for Saxophone SATB sheet music








If you want to dig deeper into the Bach Inventions, watch this short video with an analysis of the Invention no 1

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